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Please use this form if you would like to report a suspicion. Please note the legal information.

After submitting the submission, the access data for the mailbox will appear on the screen. If these are lost, a reset is only possible if an e-mail address is provided. We therefore recommend that you also provide an e-mail address when submitting an anonymous submission.

If you have already submitted a submission and have lost your access data, please reset your password.

Legal Information

Before you can enter your submission into the form, we ask you to observe the following information in order to protect you and others.

  • Please note that unjustified allegations can be considered as false accusations. Depending on the context and local legislation, an allegation can be prosecuted and punished as defamation or slander.

  • Make only serious submissions. Unobjective or denunciatory submissions, as well as case descriptions from which no specific violations or grievances can be seen, will not be processed.

  • Describe the case in detail but limit yourself to the essentials.

  • Avoid any personal reference (e.g. names of persons involved) when describing the case if possible.

  • Provide information about yourself in the submission form (such as your name, contact details), this is voluntary. For the most effective processing of the submission, it may be helpful if you provide us with your data (name and/or contact details). However, your personal data will not be passed on to the company at any time unless you have explicitly given your consent. When processing your submissions, the ombudsperson is obliged to maintain confidentiality and to maintain your confidentiality.

  • Even if you are personally and possibly even emotionally affected in the specific case, please remain polite when describing the case and describe the circumstances as objectively and factually as possible.

  • Report only cases that are relevant within the scope of the employment relationship and/or specifically concern the company. Please do not report cases from the areas of customer service/customer complaints, product complaints or from the private sector.

  • Also not reportable are personal opinions, suggestions for optimizing individual organizational or procedural topics, private conflicts in the team, general criticism of colleagues, superiors or company management. Please contact your superiors and/or ask for a confidential personnel discussion.

  • The whistleblower system and the ombudsperson do not act as mediators or mediators and do not interfere in internal company or company policy processes. Submissions received via the whistleblower system are anonymized by the ombudsperson and forwarded to the appropriate bodies and persons responsible in the company.